Wholesale Silver Rings
Wholesale Silver Rings
Sterling rings set with semi-precious gems
Wholesale Silver Earrings
Wholesale silver earrings
Silver earrings in a variety of different styles and shapes
Wholesale Silver Pendants
Wholesale silver pendants
Sterling silver pendants created exclusively by our innovative designers
Wholesale Silver Necklaces
Wholesale silver necklaces
Sterling silver necklaces available in various lengths
Wholesale Silver Bracelets
Wholesale silver bracelets
Silver bracelets from bangles to chain linked and more
Wholesale Silver Beads
Wholesale silver beads
Wholesale silver beads and a good selection of silver beaded jewelry

Welcome to KORA BIGI Sterling's Wholesale Jewelry Collection

Kora Bigi is the new trademark of Kawan Baik Corporation

A silver content of 92.5% is guaranteed in all of our cast sterling silver wholesale jewelry

K-B Sterling designs and produces sterling silver jewelry for wholesale purposes. Our products consist of silver rings, silver earrings, silver pendants, silver necklaces, silver bracelets, silver charms, silver skull jewelry, silver beads and bronze beads. We primarily wholesale directly to silver jewelry retail outlets. A minimum silver content of 92.5% guaranteed in all of our cast silver jewelry products legally defines them as sterling silver jewelry and assures our customers of the best quality. Our wholesale silver jewelry contains no metals that cause allergic reactions.

Exclusive Designs

Located in the heart of Southeast Asia is a small island called Bali. Bali, Indonesia has been known for its wholesale silver jewelry and other fine arts and crafts for over half a century. For decades Bali has been a major source of sterling silver jewelry for smaller jewelry wholesale and retail outlets. In the last few years many technical advancements have taken place in Bali altering the style of the Balinese silver jewelry produced here. Although we produce our silver jewelry in Bali, we have our own exclusive style of designing which is quite different from the normal Balinese ethnic sterling silver jewelry found in the jewelry market today.

Casting Silver Jewelry Provides Consistent Quality

We utilize top of the line casting equipment to produce our wholesale sterling silver jewelry. The two most common problems in both cast and handmade sterling silver jewelry are fire scale and porosity. Our silver jewelry is vacuum cast in a neutral gas environment which helps eliminate both of these problems. Using hi-tech casting equipment gives us the quality and consistency to provide our customers with a clean sterling silver jewelry product that keeps their customers satisfied. Not to mention the quick production times! Even if we are out of stock on an item we can produce it in a matter of just a few days eliminating back orders.

Wholesale silver jewelry
Rock n Roll Silver Jewelry
Bronze beads
Feng Shui Silver Jewelry
Wholesale Silver Cross Pendant
Special Skull Silver Jewelry
Bronze Beads
Feng Shui Silver Jewelry

Gemstones used in our Wholesale Silver Jewelry

All the gemstones we use in our wholesale silver jewelry are real and of high quality. The only synthetic stones we use are Cubic Zirconium (CZ) which does not exist in a natural state. We import our gemstones from Bangkok, Thailand and Hong Kong.

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We strive to provide our customers with the best possible sterling silver jewelry in quality, design and service. Our goal is to provide new exclusive designs in sterling silver jewelry to keep your silver jewelry showcase unique.....


3D designing and printing using Solidscape service available In addition to our wholesale silver jewelry and bronze also we offering many of our best designs in surgical stainless steel. With the price of silver constantly rising this will give our customers a "sterling silver" look at a fraction of the cost of sterling silver jewelry.



3D designers and 3D wax printing using Solidscape

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